Glass Additives

Additives for Glass Compositions

To assist your research needs, we can offer many of the additives that are required. Please feel free to inquiry with the materials needed, the purity and amount desired; and we can promptly send you a quotation.
Oxides Supplied:
Al, B, Bi, Cr, Cu, Ga, Ge, In, K, Mo, Li, Na, Nb, P, Pb, Sb, Si, Te, V, W, Zn, Zr and the Rare Earth Oxides
Chlorides and Fluorides Available:
Ba, Ca, Cd, Li, Pb, Zn, Zr and the Rare Earth Fluorides & Chlorides
Please inquire about the various Carbonates and Phosphates available or if there is a material required but not listed.

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Should you have any questions or want to have a quote, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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