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Chemicals 101 supplies a growing number of Institutional Research Groups that have an interest in Lanthanide chemistry and other inorganic materials


Why Choose Chemicals 101?

Chemicals 101 Corp., based in Toronto, Canada, was formed to assist researchers, like yourself, save money on their research budgets by supplying cost-effective, high-quality raw materials that you would generally receive from various overpriced catalogue companies. 

Even though we specialize in rare earth compounds, this does not limit us to other materials that you may need from time-to-time. Are there any inorganic compounds that you feel that you pay an exorbitant price for? Start saving money while obtaining top-quality products.

We have many years of experience in supplying rare earth chemicals and there are reasons that we can be a benefit to your research group.

We supply a growing number of university research groups that have an interest in Lanthanide chemistry. These groups are mainly located in North America and Europe; however, we also supply to other regions as requested.

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