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All of our products are analyzed by GDMS or ICP-MS.

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Some of the Chemicals We Supply

We welcome the opportunity to supply your research group with it’s starting materials.

Anhydrous Rare Earth Halides

LuI3, EuI2, YbI2, YbCl3, ScCl3 and many others

Cerium oxide
Cerium carbonate
Lanthanum oxide
Neodymium oxide
Praseodymium oxide
Europium oxide
Samarium oxide
Gadolinium oxide

Terbium oxide
Dysprosium oxide
Holmium oxide
Ytterbium oxide
Yttrium oxide
Lutetium oxide
Scandium oxide
Ytterbium fluoride

For a more comprehensive list of chemical compounds, please visit our Product Catalogue as well as the Glass Additives section.

A Full Suite of Rare Earths

Chemicals 101 Corp. offers the full suite of rare earths, from lanthanum to lutetium, as well as yttrium and scandium. Rare earths are supplied in a variety of different forms, including but not limited to carbonates, nitrates, oxalates, oxides, anhydrous halides, metals, and alloys. Of course, the most common form is the oxide.  As for purities, this can vary with each of the rare earths, please inquire as to what is available. Analysis of the materials are completed by GDMS or ICP-MS.

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